Thursday, April 2, 2009

let's run off to mexico

he ordered his usual. long neck bud. he looked around the room for nothing in particular. he carried himself well even if it was a facade. he traveled alone. he noticed her walking to him as the jukebox played a neil young song. she asked him to dance and he passed. who dances to neil young? he didn't think anyone noticed. he turned to take in the room again and again for no real reason. she was seated behind him and he caught a casual glance. she was regal elegant but approachable. she asked him about the dance invitation he had turned down. who dances to neil young he asked. she was like no other woman but he wasn't sure exactly why hi I'm ed he introduced himself. hi I'm married with three kids she responded. he wasn't fazed and it seemed so very natural to keep the conversation going. they talked effortlessly but neither would ever remember what it was about. he stared at her as one would admire the finest of art he leaned to her so slowly it seemed like minutes. he softly so very softly pressed his lips to hers. her kiss was soft slow moist and passionate. it seemed natural. he slowly pulled away from her and stared into her eyes. there was a glow to her she was sure she had been kissed this way before she just didn't know when. he had NEVER felt this before. "lets run off to mexico" he asked.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I fall helplessly as I stare in her eyes as the music to "cant keep my eyes off of you" speaks to all I'm feeling. My hands touch the curve of her hip. it is sexy yet romantic mysterious but familiar as I cup her firmly. We make love with ours long before we undress. she holds my hand like a lover and guides me over her body. there is nothing else in the world and we are consumed by each other. We owe no one an apology for how we feel. I lift her shirt and kiss her breast like a child. A trail of clothes leads to my room


we start by dancing slowly at first then slow close grinding. We sway to Joe Simons "keep me hangin on". We kiss softly the passionatly erotically. I brush the hair from ur neck and kiss it suggestively. I pull u to me as I hold u from behind. I caress ur breast. we r lost in it